Mark Kistler - Dream it. Draw it. Do it.

Visual Arts School Assemblies…In-Person or LIVE Webcast!

Mark Kistler School Assemblies

“It’s UNANIMOUS! Of all the assemblies over all the years, the teachers agree this is the BEST ONE EVER! We are already scheduling Mark to come back next year!”
Becky Smith, Davis Elementary PTA, Plano, TX

Mark Kistler assemblies are the most anticipated of the year!
Mary Westendorf, Superintendent, Bakersfield, CA

Absolutely inspirational!!!
N.A., Michigan

He kept 420 third graders totally focused!
K.P., Texas

Engaging Assemblies. Lasting Results.

Prepare your students to blast off to the infinite universe of imagination. Principals, PTOs and teachers continue to sign-up for this unforgettable, hands-on assembly that encourages students, staff and parents to participate.

Mark Kistler has presented his acclaimed techniques to over 7000 school assemblies.

Through television, books, Internet and appearances, Mark has taught millions of children the world over how to stretch their imaginations by adding depth and perspective to their drawings.

He can teach your students too!

Why Schedule a Learn-to-Draw Assembly with Mark Kistler? …Outcomes that Count!

“Studies show that students of the arts in all disciplines outperformed their non-arts peers on the SAT by 102 points in 2010.” – The College Board, 2010, Group Profile Report

“Being able to transfer thoughts into three dimensional drawings develops critical thinking and visual communication skills.” – Tim Decker, Former “Simpsons” & Disney Animator

“If they’re worried about their test scores and want a way to get them higher, they need to give kids more arts…” – Tom Horne, Arizona State Superintendent

“Just look at the inventors of the iPhone and the developers of Google… Creative experiences are part of the daily work life of engineers, business managers, and other professionals… America’s children will need to be inventive and imaginative. The best way to foster that creativity is through arts education.” – Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan

Here’s What You’re In For When You Schedule an Assembly With Mark Kistler!

  • Two dynamic, live performances with Mark Kistler. One assembly for lower grades and another for the upper grades. FRESH NEW ASSEMBLIES EACH YEAR!

  • Students arrive at the assembly equipped with paper, pencil, and a clip board, slate or book to use as a lap desk.

  • Mark Kistler has the group (up to 5,000 at a time!) sit on the floor (elementary), or bleachers (middle school), or auditorium theater seats (high school) and draw along with him.

  • Using a document camera, and computer-projected animation, Mark expertly guides your students through an extraordinary imagination adventure. Your students learn how to draw in 3-D while creating great illustrated stories of journeys to the bottom of the sea, time travel adventures of dinosaurs, ancient Egyptian mummies, King Arthur’s Camelot, or perhaps even alien penguins and ninja squirrels!

  • Mark Kistler inspires your students to “Dream it! Draw it! Do it!!” in harnessing the power of their imagination to make their life dreams come true. Many of Mark’s alumni achieved their dreams while working on professional projects like ShrekMadagascarToy StoryAlvin and the ChipmunksThe IncrediblesThe Simpsons, and many more.


(Actual completed drawings from in-person school assemblies)

Mark Kistler’s School Assemblies inspire production of “Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station” for National Public Television! This hit children’s series from Mark Kistler wins the 2010 Informational/Instructional Television Emmy.

Read a feature article about Mark Kistler’s Emmy Award!

School Assembly Program

Get your students prepared to blast off into the land of imagination with pencil power! For three decades, Mark Kistler has been teaching kids at over 7,000 schools with this world-famous assembly program. This is an unforgettable hands-on assembly that encourages students, teachers, and parents to participate. Mark has taught millions of children around the world how to draw…he can teach your students, too!

  • 30 years of School Assembly performances

  • 7,000 school assembly performances

  • 42,000 downloads of his iPhone App “Learn To Draw With Mark Kistler”

  • 1,000,000 visitors on

  • Author/Illustrator of 10 best-selling “How-to-Draw” books

  • 600,000 Mark Kistler books in print

  • 2010 Emmy Award Winner

  • Creator/host of Public Television’s “Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station”

Mark deeply believes that learning how to draw in three dimensions builds a child’s critical thinking skills while nourishing self esteem. His positive messages on goal setting, dream conquering, and the power of reading have sparked millions of children around the world to discover their awesome individual potentials.

Family Art Night

Schools scheduling Mark’s Daytime Assembly Programs now have the option of scheduling Mark’s extremely successful Evening Family Program. During the student assemblies, Mark invites all the children to return that evening for another fun-filled drawing in 3-D adventure with their entire family! The result of this exciting invitation is record-breaking parent attendance in 14 states! Normally scheduled from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., this magical evening family program motivates children to draw on their boundless imagination rather than spend the average 26,880 hours (before the age of 18) watching television or playing digital video games. Even adults who constantly say, “I can’t even draw a straight line,” will be confidently sketching cool 3-D illustrations. This delightful evening of creative magic is fun for the entire family.

Call 1-800-431-6829 to schedule a Mark Kistler Program or email for information!

Live Webcast Assemblies

Click here for more information about Mark Kistler’s popular LIVE webcast assembly. This is a high-tech lower cost way to schedule an AWESOME Mark Kistler assembly day at your school!

Call 1-800-431-6829 to schedule a Mark Kistler Program or email for information!

Teachers In-Service

Mark Kistler motivates educators to use 3-D drawing as a powerful teaching tool. Drawing is a dynamic interactive visual vehicle, communicating how things work and how they fit together. Drawing is a means of identifying important shapes and objects in science, nature, geography, and language arts. Over 70% of students are now visual learners – drawing is visual communication. This is a fun hands-on information- packed teacher workshop. Teachers will receive a treasure trove of creative classroom ideas to build student thinking skills, attention focusing activities, and imagination launching student challenges!

Call 1-800-431-6829 to schedule a Mark Kistler Program or email for information!

DVD Classroom Series

Over 40 million children around the world have learned how to draw in 3-D with Mark Kistler’s Public Television shows, drawing books, Imagination Station school assemblies, and Classroom Video Lessons. Your students can learn, too! This 70-lesson DVD series will guide your class through an enchanting voyage of creative discovery. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes in length, and features Mark Kistler’s world famous, line-by-line teaching technique. Use Mark Kistler’s Learn How to Draw in 3-D “Imagination Station” classroom video lessons once a week or every day to build your students’ genius brain power! Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station Classroom DVD Series offers over 35 hours of classroom instruction! These lessons are based on Mark Kistler’s best selling books “Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station,” and “Drawing in 3-D with Mark Kistler.” The 70 lessons on these DVD’s are completely different from the 300 video lessons available in the Online Art Academy.

DVD Classroom Series 1-36: Contact us for price DVD Classroom Series 37-70 price: Contact us for price Complete DVD Classroom Series 1-70: Contact us for price
Click here to see the “Home” Series of DVDs!

Online Art Academy

The planet’s most popular on-line classroom art lessons! Your students will be thrilled with this collection of over 300 online video and animated art lessons. Mark Kistler has harnessed the teaching power of digital technology for the digital-gaming generation! Learning how to draw in 3-D with Mark via multimedia animated technology and video streaming lessons is like stepping into a digital game! Your classroom computers are now a wonderful window into Mark Kistler’s whimsical, wacky world of amazing, learn-to-draw in 3-D adventures! Students may choose from multiple drawing adventures inside a variety of drawing themes. These art lessons include video streaming tutorials, animated step-by-step instruction, full color dynamic worksheets, super story starters, multiple student art galleries, printable e-books and so much more! Your students will enjoy unlimited access to all 3 levels of online lessons 24/7 at school and at home! Level 1: “Mini-Marshmallow Art Lessons” Video Lessons for Pre-K – 3rd Grade Over 100 five minute “Mini-Lesson” Videos! Level 2: “Mark Kistler’s School of Imagination” ANIMATED Art Lessons for Grades K-8 Over 50 Interactive Animated “Step by Step” Drawing Lessons Level 3: “Online Video Art Lessons” Advanced VIDEO Art Lessons for Grades 3-8 Over 100 video lessons of Mark Kistler teaching and drawing with a camera right over his shoulder! Online Art Academy Pricing School Wide Membership, 1 year (up to 800 students). Contact us for price

Call 1-800-431-6829 to schedule a Mark Kistler Program or email for information!

Many of the schools Mark visits each year choose to pre-sell his popular drawing in 3-D books. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to own autographed copies of Mark’s books. Schools will receive Mark’s best-selling “How to Draw in 3-D” book. Teachers and students are encouraged to duplicate pages for assembly follow-up drawing lessons.

Click here for more information

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